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Pure Kanjivaram Pattu Sarees: Embossed Zari & Rich Weaving

Pure Kanjivaram Pattu Sarees: Embossed Zari & Rich Weaving

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馃崄 Embrace Elegance: Traditional Kanjivaram Sarees 馃崄

Elevate your style quotient and celebrate the grace of Indian heritage with our exquisite collection of Kanjivaram sarees. Each piece is a masterpiece that weaves together tradition, artistry, and luxury, making it the perfect choice for every occasion.

Product Highlights:

  • Gorgeous Kanjivaram Pattu: Crafted from pure Kanjivaram silk, these sarees exude opulence and authenticity, adding a touch of regality to your attire.

  • Zari Weaving: The sarees feature intricate Zari weaving in three distinct styles - Embossed, Leheriya, and Heavy Border. This harmonious blend of techniques creates a captivating symphony of patterns and textures.

  • Leheriya Artistry: Adorning the saree's body, the Leheriya technique introduces a mesmerizing wave-like pattern that dances gracefully with every movement.

  • Enchanting Borders: The heavy border adds a majestic charm to the saree, framing it with elegance and sophistication.

  • Rich Weaving Pallu: Each saree comes with a richly woven pallu, a symbol of timeless craftsmanship. The pallu drapes gracefully, showcasing a showcase of artistry.

  • Unstitched Blouse: Accompanying each saree is an unstitched blouse piece with its own border, allowing you to customize your blouse design to match your personal style.

Product Details:

  • Fabric: Premium Kanjivaram Pattu silk

  • Weaving: Three types of Zari weaving - Embossed, Leheriya, and Heavy Border

  • Saree Length: 5.5 meters

  • Unstitched Blouse Length: 0.80 meters

Indulge in the allure of tradition and make a statement at weddings, festivals, parties, and celebrations with our Kanjivaram sarees. The meticulous craftsmanship and timeless appeal of these sarees are a testament to the beauty of Indian textiles.

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