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"Royal Blue Georgette Embroidered Lehenga Choli Set with Inner Silk - Semi-Stitched"

"Royal Blue Georgette Embroidered Lehenga Choli Set with Inner Silk - Semi-Stitched"

नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 3,299.00
नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 6,999.00 विक्रय कीमत Rs. 3,299.00
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Lehenga Size (Semi Stitched)
Choli Size (Unstitched)

Experience the epitome of elegance with our semi-stitched blue color lehenga choli set, meticulously crafted to adorn your grace on every occasion:

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Intricate embroidery work on heavy georgette fabric enhances the allure of the lehenga, adding a touch of sophistication.

  • Flowing Flair: With a 3.50 meter flair and can-can lining, the lehenga ensures a graceful sway with every step, accentuating your feminine charm.

  • Versatile Styling: The semi-stitched design allows for personalized tailoring to your unique measurements, ensuring a perfect fit and comfortable wear. 

  • Luxurious Blouse: The heavy georgette blouse features full sleeves and exquisite embroidery, exuding timeless elegance and glamour.

  • Inner Silk Comfort: Inner silk lining in both lehenga and blouse promises a luxurious feel against your skin, ensuring utmost comfort throughout the day.

  • Elegant Dupatta: Adorned with delicate embroidery and four motti lace border work, the georgette dupatta adds a regal touch to your ensemble, measuring 2.30 meters in size.

  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from premium georgette fabric, this set is lightweight yet durable, perfect for all-day wear without compromising on style.

  • Statement Piece: Weighing just 1.5 KG, this lehenga choli set is a statement piece that will captivate attention and leave a lasting impression at any event.

Elevate your ethnic wardrobe with this exquisite ensemble, embodying timeless grace and sophistication.

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