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"Golden Glow: Embroidered Tabby Silk Haldi Lehenga Choli Set - Yellow & Pista"

"Golden Glow: Embroidered Tabby Silk Haldi Lehenga Choli Set - Yellow & Pista"

नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 5,849.00
नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 18,999.00 विक्रय कीमत Rs. 5,849.00
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Lahenga Size (Fully Stitched)
Choli Size (Unstitched)

🌼 Elevate your Haldi ceremony with our exquisite Yellow Coloured Embroidered Tabby Silk Lehenga Choli Set, featuring stunning craftsmanship and vibrant elegance. 🌼

👗 Lahenga Details:

  • Fabric: Luxurious Tabby Silk with intricate embroidery.

  • Size: Fits up to a Max 44" waist size, offering comfort and style.

  • Length: 42" for a graceful silhouette.

  • Inner: Lined with premium Crepe Silk for a smooth feel.

  • Lehenga Type: Semi-Stitched, providing flexibility in fitting.

  • Flair: 3.0 MTR with canvas patta & cancan for added volume and movement.

👘 Choli:

  • Fabric: Tabby Silk, adorned with beautiful embroidery.

  • Size: Un-Stitch, accommodating up to 44" bust size.

  • Stitch: Front and back panels left unstitched for personalized tailoring.

🧣 Dupatta: 

  • Fabric: Tabby Silk, delicately embroidered for a touch of elegance.

  • Size: 2.20 MTR, offering versatility in styling.

Weight: 1.50 kg, ensuring easy wear without compromising on opulence.

Add a dash of radiant charm to your Haldi celebration with this mesmerizing ensemble, perfect for the modern bride who cherishes tradition with a contemporary flair. ✨

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