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Elegant Embroidery and Digital Print Kurta Set

Elegant Embroidery and Digital Print Kurta Set

नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 2,999.00
नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 7,999.00 विक्रय कीमत Rs. 2,999.00
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Elevate your wardrobe with our stunning Kurta set. The top is crafted from fox georgette and adorned with intricate multi-needle embroidery. Featuring full sleeves and finished with a fancy tassel, this piece exudes elegance. The bottom is made from faux georgette silk fabric, also embellished with embroidery and fully stitched for convenience. The set is completed with a fox georgette dupatta, boasting a fully digital printed design and heavy embroidery work, measuring 2.25 meters. Available in sizes M-38, L-40, XL-42, and XXL-44. Weighing 750 grams, this ensemble is perfect for any special occasion.

Product Specifications:

  • Top Fabric: Fox Georgette with Multi Needle Embroidery Work, Full Sleeves, Fancy Tassel

  • Top Length: 42 inches

  • Bottom Fabric: Faux Georgette Silk with Embroidery Work, Fully Stitched

  • Dupatta Fabric: Fox Georgette with Digital Print and Heavy Embroidery Work, 2.25 meters

  • Sizes Available: M-38, L-40, XL-42, XXL-44

  • Weight: 750 grams

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