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"🌟 Sequin Splendor: Designer Fox Georgette Party Gown with Full Sleeves & Lace Dupatta & Pant 🌟"

"🌟 Sequin Splendor: Designer Fox Georgette Party Gown with Full Sleeves & Lace Dupatta & Pant 🌟"

नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 3,749.00
नियमित रूप से मूल्य Rs. 11,999.00 विक्रय कीमत Rs. 3,749.00
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🌟 Elevate your party look with our stunning new designer gown, meticulously crafted for a show-stopping entrance! 🌟

👗 Gown Details:

  • Work: Sequin 5MM, Multi-Needle Work, Embroidery with Full Sleeves

  • Fabric: Luxurious Fox Georgette

  • Inner: Micro Cotton

  • Size Options: M(38), L(40), XL(42), XXL(44) with included margin size (Full Stitched with Cups)

  • Length: 48-49 inches

  • Flair: 3 meters

👖 Pant Details:

  • Fabric: Cotton Material

  • Length: 38-40 inches (Ready-Made)

🧣 Dupatta Details:

  • Fabric: Fox Georgette with Four-Side Lace Border

  • Length: 2.40 meters

⚖️ Weight: 950 grams

Fabric Marvel: Embrace the grace of Fox Georgette, blending comfort and style seamlessly. The gown's intricate detailing features Sequin work, Multi-Needle work, and exquisite embroidery, complemented by full sleeves for a touch of elegance.

🌈 Size Inclusivity: Available in M(38) to XXL(44) sizes with a margin for the perfect fit. Each gown comes fully stitched and adorned with cups for added comfort.

👌 Stylishly Versatile: The Cotton Pant, at a length of 38-40 inches, is ready-made for your convenience. The dupatta, in Fox Georgette with a lavish four-side lace border, adds a finishing touch of sophistication.

🛍️ Ready to Wear: Unbox glamour! Each gown is meticulously crafted, ensuring a weight of 950 grams for a lightweight yet luxurious feel. It's time to shine at your special occasions!

🌟 Own the Night: With a gown length of 48-49 inches and a flair of 3 meters, this ensemble promises to make you the star of every party. Dazzle and delight in our latest designer party wear gown!

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